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Communicable Disease

The Communicable Disease Control Program provides ongoing surveillance and control of significant infectious diseases such as meningitis, pertussis (whooping cough), salmonella, tuberculosis, e-coli, and hepatitis.  Decatur County Public Health staff works with medical providers, hospitals, and laboratories to:

  • detect and report cases of significant infectious disease
  • investigate the circumstances of each case
  • recommend and implement measures to control the spread of disease
  • provide infection-control training to community agencies and organizations

The population of Decatur County is highly mobile, which increases the probability and the spread of communicable diseases in our communities. 

    To Report a Communicable Disease:

    Call Decatur County Public Health Office


    For more information:
    Decatur County Iowa
    County Courthouse 207 N. Main St. Leon, IA 50144
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