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Locations & Staff Directory

Decatur County Courthouse - 207 N. Main St., Leon

    (Assessor, Attorney, Auditor, Board of Supervisors, Clerk of Court, Economic Development, General AssistanceRecorderTreasurer, Veterans Affairs)


Decatur County Community Services - 201 NE Idaho St., Leon

    (Mental Health)

    FAX:  641/446-8208


Decatur County Public Health & Home Care - 207 NE Idaho St., Leon

    (Public Health, Wellness Center)

    FAX:  641/446-3616


Decatur County Sheriff's Office - 203 NE Idaho St., Leon


Decatur County Jail - 206 NE 2nd St., Leon


Decatur County Engineer's Office - 1306 S. Main St., Leon


Decatur County Conservation - 20845 NW Little River Rd., Leon

    FAX:  641/446-4045


To find an individual, please type the first and/or last name in the "Search" box below, and click on "Find Now" 

Assessor's Office641/446-4314
Attorney's Office641/446-3773
Auditor's Office641/446-4323
Board of Supervisors641/446-4382
Case Management/Waivers & Mental Health Services641/446-7178
Clerk of Court641/446-4331
Economic Development641/446-4991
Engineer's Office641/446-6531
Public Health & Home Care641/446-6518
Recorder's Office641/446-4322
Treasurer's Office641/446-4321
Veterans Affairs & General Assistance Office641/446-7494

Decatur County Iowa
County Courthouse    -    207 N. Main St.    -    Leon, IA 50144
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